BlueSky Sustainable Business’ Prajakta achieves membership of the Institute of Social Auditors of India (ISAI) as a certified Social Auditor.

In an era where corporate social responsibility has become synonymous with sustainable business practices, it is indeed a moment of pride for BlueSky Sustainable Business as our Head of Social Impact Solutions, Prajakta Mony, achieves membership of the Institute of Social Auditors of India (ISAI) as a certified Social Auditor.

Social auditing plays a pivotal role in assessing an organization’s impact on society, aligning perfectly with the Gandhian philosophy of trusteeship that encapsulates the responsibility of businesses towards the community. In India, this responsibility is enshrined in the National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct (NGRBC), emphasizing the need for businesses to contribute to broader development goals while ensuring economic viability.

Prajakta certification as a Social Auditor is a testament to BlueSky Sustainable Business’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of responsible business conduct. The role of a social auditor is not just about compliance; it is about actively devising systems and solutions to drive sustainable social impact.

ISAI, as the Institute of Social Auditors of India, stands as a significant player in promoting and regulating social auditing practices in the country. As a Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO), working in the ecosystem to enable success of the Social Stock Exchanges in India, ISAI plays a vital role in ensuring that social auditors adhere to the highest ethical standards and contribute effectively to the sustainable development narrative.

The certification process with ISAI involves a rigorous evaluation of an auditor’s competence, ethical conduct, and testing by SEBI’s academic arm, National Institute of Securities Management (NISM). 

Prajakta’s achievement reflects her dedication to promoting sustainable and responsible business practices, aligning seamlessly with the global initiatives like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, coupled with her deep skills in data and analytics.

As we celebrate Prajakta Mony’s outstanding accomplishment, BlueSky Sustainable Business reaffirms its commitment to responsible business conduct. Prajakta’s journey as an ISAI-certified social auditor marks a pivotal moment in our pursuit of excellence, sustainability, and positive societal change. Her expertise will undoubtedly contribute to BlueSky’s ongoing mission of creating a future where businesses are powerful agents of positive transformation. 

Congratulations to Prajakta Mony for achieving the certification and in the process, embodying the values that define the essence of responsible and sustainable business practices at BlueSky Sustainable Business.

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