BlueSky Sustainable Business’ Rohit achieves membership of the Institute of Social Auditors of India (ISAI) as a certified Social Auditor.

We proudly continue the tale with yet another significant milestone at BlueSky Sustainable Business. Today, we celebrate the achievement of Rohit Agarwal, our Head of Social Impact Solutions, as he attains membership in the Institute of Social Auditors of India (ISAI) as a certified Social Auditor. Rohit, A Delhi University MSW graduate, Rohit has a rich background in child rights advocacy, notably combating child labor and promoting education. As a Wipro Fellow, he co-founded Teach For North-east, supporting under-resourced schools. Recognized as a Social Entrepreneur, Rohit now brings his expertise as a Social Auditor to drive impactful assessments at BlueSky. His journey exemplifies our commitment to responsible business conduct and positive societal change. 

Rohit’s journey echoes the essence of responsible business conduct and aligns seamlessly with the ethos of BlueSky Sustainable Business. Social auditing, a key component in assessing an organization’s societal impact, remains at the forefront of our strategy, reflecting our dedication to creating positive transformations in the communities we serve.

In India, the National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct (NGRBC) underscore the crucial role businesses play in contributing to broader development goals while ensuring economic viability. Rohit Agarwal’s certification as a Social Auditor underscores our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of responsible business conduct.

ISAI, as the Institute of Social Auditors of India, holds a pivotal position in promoting and regulating social auditing practices in the country. As a Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) actively contributing to the success of Social Stock Exchanges in India, ISAI ensures that social auditors adhere to the highest ethical standards, making meaningful contributions to the sustainable development narrative.

The certification process with ISAI involves a rigorous evaluation of an auditor’s competence, ethical conduct, and testing by SEBI’s academic arm, National Institute of Securities Management (NISM). Rohit Agarwal’s achievement is not only a testament to his dedication to promoting sustainable and responsible business practices but also a reflection of his deep skills in data and analytics.

Rohit’s journey, marked by this certification, is a pivotal moment in our ongoing pursuit of excellence, sustainability, and positive societal change. At BlueSky Sustainable Business, we take pride in fostering a future where businesses serve as powerful agents of positive transformation.

As we congratulate Rohit Agarwal for this remarkable accomplishment, we renew our commitment to responsible business conduct. His expertise and dedication will undoubtedly contribute to advancing BlueSky’s mission and further solidify our role as champions of sustainable business practices.

Here’s to Rohit Agarwal, a beacon of responsible leadership and a driving force in our collective journey toward creating a better, more sustainable future.

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